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A2 Curd

A2 Curd

Rs. 60/400g

A2 Curd(Dahi) considered as The Natural Probiotic and good source of alkaline supplement This A2 Dahi made from forest grazed A2 Desi cow milk.This is essential for people of all ages, especially for growing children. It helps in brain development and overall growth of the body.

A2 Curd Making Process:
We follow the natural process to set curd. Milk is boiled to 80°C, cooled down to 40°C, and then culture is added to set curd. Set curd is kept in the cold room and the cold chain is maintained until it reaches the customer. Since we use full cream desi cow milk and follow the natural curd setting process, our curd is naturally thick, aromatic, and tastes awesome.

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