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Raathi Cow a2 Milk

Rs 100/Litre

Raathi Gaumata History:

Rathi Cow are a Bos indicus breed originated from Bikaner, Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts in northwest Rajasthan

We are serving Raathi Cow a2 Milk from Go4ife brand located at Mata Ji Gaushala Barsaana
Raathi Gaushala Address:
Dabhala, Uttar Pradesh 281405
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The Raathi is one of the best Cow breeds in India as well as in Pakistan. It is tick-resistant, heat-tolerant and noted for its high resistance to parasites, both internal and external. Cows average 2270 kg of milk during a lactation while suckling a calf and much higher milk yields have been recorded. Due to their heat tolerance and high milk production they have been exported to other Asian countries as well as Africa and the Caribbean. As oxen they are generally docile and lethargic, making them more useful for slow work. Their color can range from reddish brown through to the more predominant red, with varying amounts of white on the neck, and the underline. In males the color darkens towards the extremities, such as the head, legs and tails..

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